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Vote for Your Daughter is a nonpartisan campaign harnessing the power of art to encourage people to prioritize their daughter’s futures when voting. Our country’s daughters are among the over 20 million individuals who lost fundamental rights to healthcare in 2022.

Women and girls have historically lacked support and funding for education. Women on average still make 84 percent of what men are paid and those numbers are significantly worse for women of color. Women are underrepresented in political positions nationwide and only 1 in 4 Americans are confident they’ll live to see a woman president in their lifetime.

It’s time to prioritize the future of our daughters. It’s time to give them hope. Join Vote For Your Daughter and sign the pledge below.


To the daughters of America, 

The opportunities afforded to you in the coming years will be significantly impacted by the decisions we make in the ballot box.

I pledge to vote for your future.

I pledge to vote for constitutionally protected access to healthcare.

I pledge to vote for support and funding for education.

I pledge to vote for equal pay for equal work.

I pledge to vote for equal representation.

Whether you’re my daughter, my neighbor, or a girl I’ve never met, I pledge to vote for you. 

For our daughters’ futures,

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